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  • David Leonard, owner
  • Greg Ryan, owner
  • Brian Woods, owner
  • Steven, waiter
  • Phillip, waiter
  • Cat, waitress
  • Nigel, bartender
  • Phil, chef

Before Gordon's Arrival

David and Brian started a Maine seafood restaurant, and later took on another partner in Greg. The owners butt heads a lot. The staff see Greg is the best of the three, but even he makes a lot of mistakes.

First Impressions

Gordon admits New York City is a tough place to have a restaurant. Gordon walks in and talks to the staff, who tell him the owners are almost never all there together at the same time. Gordon notes none of them are there now, but that quickly changes when David walks in. David walks in wearing a long jacket and sunglasses. Gordon thinks he's trying to make a statement. Nonetheless, he asks him what kind of owner he is. David says he's hands-on and is there 3-4 times a week. David thinks Gordon came off as confrontational.

First Meal

Food Ordered

New England Clam Chowder, Mussels Bangkok, Lobster Mac n' Cheese, Lobster Rolls(Maine, Connecticut, New York City)

Impressions of the Food

New England Clam Chowder-Gordon says it's a little bit watery, but only adds "what a shame"

Mussels Bangkok-Gordon says it's too hot, and as a result don't taste of mussels, and he calls the broth "stupid"

Lobster Mac n' Cheese-Gordon says it's chewy

Connecticut Lobster Roll-Gordon says it's horrible and soaking wet, and the bread is like a wet diaper

New York City Lobster Roll-Gordon doesn't try it on camera and doesn't comment later

Maine Lobster Roll-Gordon says it's unseasoned

First Dinner Service

Gordon argues with David about the Maine Lobster Roll in particular. David says the lack of seasoning is the way it's done in Maine, to which Gordon claims he's lived in Maine for 3 months, and they season the lobster there. Because Gordon is there, all 3 owners are present, which is a rarity. David is expediting, which he doesn't typically do. One table complains that their mussels are sandy, and David decides to confront them himself. He lectures them that mussels are supposed to be sandy. An order and fish and chips comes back, and the chef Phil says the fish smells old. Gordon agrees, but David disputes this. Gordon inspects the fridge and can tell by sight the lobster is Canadian, which Phil confirms. Gordon says the difference is they are a lot cheaper, and says he uses Canadian lobster himself for things like lobster ravioli in his restaurants. Once again, Gordon and David have an argument about this. David says there's no difference as they are the same species and come from the same waters. Gordon says the differences are also in taste and flavor, and dislikes the false advertising.



Remainder of the Visit

Gordon gathers the staff and has them write anonymous questions to the owners. One asks Greg why he waffles. Another asks David why they don't have aprons. David answers rudely. The last one asks why they don't have a General Manager. Gordon reasons one of the owners should be able to fill the role. Gordon decides to add a new dish, Lobster Bernaise. Gordon teaches the dish to Phil and the owners. Gordon decides Brian is useless, so he has the GM race come down to David and Greg, and sends Brian home. Brian hardly objects. Gordon has David and Greg take turns expediting or running front of house. David is rude while he expedites, and Greg is personable in the dining room. Then they switch. David is also rude in the dining room, even to customers. Greg struggles expediting too, and Phil gets frustrated. Gordon has the staff vote, and they vote Greg should be the GM. Greg accepts the responsibility. Gordon has his doubts.

Restaurant & Menu Remodel

Gordon's design team remodels the restaurant. The staff and Greg love it. However, David criticizes it. Gordon puts in a machine where a customer can try to fish out a lobster. Gordon writes a new menu as well. Once again, the staff raves about it, but David once again criticizes it.

Final Service

Gordon organizes a community event, but David shows no enthusiasm. Gordon draws up a contract making it official that Greg should be the GM. All three owners sign it. Gordon has David and Brian come as guests, and Greg will run the restaurant. Greg tries to inspire the staff. Gordon's Lobster Bernaise sells a lot. David and Brian arrive with some friends. David and Brian blast Gordon's changes. They even complain about the service and the food. Finally they start making fun of Greg. Greg again struggles to expedite, but finally gets a feel for it. David and Brian ask Phillip about the feedback, but Phillip says despite certain struggles, people are happy. After the service, Gordon compliments Greg for his effort, and then implies David and Brian don't show the same effort. Gordon says David only pretends to care, and tells him "I've never seen an individual so full of shit in all my life". David mocks him and calls him Gordy. Gordon recalls his first impression of him with the jacket and sunglasses. Then he rehashes the Canadian lobster issue, and brings up his own success, but adds he takes nothing for granted. David is unimpressed. Gordon then says David treats his staff like shit. David won't admit to that. Gordon thinks David only cares that they are on a TV show, to which David says "You're wrong, the great Gordon Ramsay is wrong". Gordon says the restaurant as he's set it up has a lot of potential. Gordon calls him "passionless, soulless, and ungrateful". David claims he is grateful for all Gordon's done, despite numerous clips proving otherwise. Gordon leaves and they all agree that "time will tell".

After Gordon's Departure

The Black Pearl closed later in 2008, merely days after the episode aired. A southern BBQ restaurant replaced it, and Gordon and Steven went there and liked it. Gordon took a liking to Steven during the Black Pearl episode and saw him as a bright spot. When the Black Pearl closed, David wrote a strongly worded letter blasting Gordon and the show, claiming among other things, that some of his better comebacks were edited out.

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