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Kitchen Nightmares.png "The team works overnight to remodel the restaurant."
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  • Nylah (owner)
  • Jeremy (owner/Nylah's son)
  • Erick (head chef, fired during the episode)
  • Drew (sous chef, later head chef)
  • Ashley (waitress)
  • Jimmy (Nylah's son and Jeremy's brother, helps with random tasks)
  • Q (becomes new chef when Gordon returns, previously worked at Sebastian's)

Before Gordon's Arrival

Nylah bought a well-established restaurant with her son Jeremy, neither having any experience. They've had a lot of turnover with staff. The bar makes money, but the restaurant doesn't. The head chef Erick and the sous chef Drew clash in the kitchen.

First Impressions

Gordon arrives and meets Nylah and Jeremy. He asks about their experience and learns they have none. Inside and outside, the restaurant doesn't look like much and he finds it dirty.

First Meal

Food Ordered

  • Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Monte Cristo
  • Deluxe Pizza

Impressions of the Food

After waiting over and hour for his food, Gordon was heavily disappointed. The stuffed mushrooms were soggy, bland and filled with water, the monte cristo was filled with oil and Gordon found it strange that there was powdered sugar on the top of a savory sandwich, and the dough in the deluxe pizza was raw.

First Dinner Service

Gordon gathers the staff. He first goes after Erick. Erick at first claims he didn't know which order was Gordon's, and then just dismisses him and chalks it up to a bad day. Erick walks out, but Gordon goes after him. Erick asks him for another chance to prove himself. The staff can't even spell the word "Sicilian". Orders come in, and Erick refuses to communicate with Drew. Food comes out, but the customers are not happy with it. Erick has a bad attitude as food comes back, ranging from indifference to frustration. Erick grows more and more defeated. Gordon has seen enough and has Jeremy shut the restaurant down. Gordon talks to Nylah, and flat-out tells her that Erick needs to go. She questions where she would find another chef, and he convinces him Drew is good enough. Nylah gets Jeremy, and they fire Erick. Gordon vows to train Drew.


Gordon says Erick is useless and the owners are clueless.

Remainder of the Visit

Gordon comes in the next morning to inspect the kitchen. He finds a lot of old items, and in general the walk-in is dirty. Gordon then checks the bathrooms with a UV light. He finds a lot of bodily fluids and little evidence of cleaning agents. The staff arrives and he tells them of his findings. Drew starts throwing things out at Gordon's behest. Gordon demands the restaurant be completely cleaned. Gordon starts to train Drew. He challenges Drew to create a pizza. In addition, he also serves Nylah and Jeremy a frozen pizza to test them. They both correctly choose Drew's. Gordon also develops his own pizza, which will also be a special.

Restaurant & Menu Remodel

Gordon's design team redesigns the inside and outside. The staff unanimously likes the changes. Gordon decides to host a pizza eating contest to generate buzz. Gordon redesigns the menu, adding wings, and mostly a simple menu with sandwiches and pizzas.

Final Service

With Drew now leading the kitchen, Jimmy pitches in to help. Drew screws up the first order, twice, undercooking an order of wings. Jimmy makes the calzones decently well, but they are way too big. Drew starts getting stressed, snapping at Jeremy who is expediting and Nylah when she checks on him. But finally Drew starts to turn it around, and ultimately the night is a success. Gordon implores the staff to make it work, now that they've tasted a measure of success.

After Gordon's Departure

Nylah eventually bought Jeremy out and hired Q(a cook at Sebastian's in season 1) as the new chef. Casa Roma closed in 2017.

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