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Dominick-Manager/Colleen's boyfriend

Kevin-Chef/Colleen's son



Before Gordon's Arrival

Two former waitresses and friends, Naomi and Colleen bought the restaurant they worked at, Classic American from their boss. Colleen has made her son Kevin the chef, and her boyfriend Dominick the manager. Dominick enjoys the job, as does Kevin. Nonetheless, business is not good since they took it over. They're always running out of product, often because of Dominick, who himself thinks there's no leadership. Colleen even has had to move back home with her parents.

First Impressions

Gordon walks in and is greeted by Dominick. Dominick admits he's only been a restaurant manager for a few years and that he is a bricklayer by trade. Gordon asks to meet Colleen and Naomi. He asks about their story. They took it over 10 years earlier. Gordon clearly intimidates them despite not trying to be.

First Meal

Food Ordered

Fried Calamari, Bomb Burger, Macaroni and Cheese

Impressions of the Food

Macaroni and Cheese-Gordon can tell by looking at it that it's pre-made. He declares it dreadful.

Calamari-Gordon says it is soft and chewy and correctly guesses that it's frozen Bomb Burger-Gordon says it is unseasoned and chewy

First Dinner Service

Gordon asks to meet Kevin. He asks Kevin to rate the food. Kevin says 6 or 7, Gordon says maybe half that. He tells Kevin that he respects what he is doing, standing by his mother, but the food is not good enough. Gordon questions if Colleen and Naomi even care anymore. They both cry. Gordon appears sympathetic and agrees to come back for dinner service. Their ticketing system is down, so they have to hand write tickets. Kevin works at a good pace, but the food is not good. To make matters worse, they quickly start to run out of food, and even other things such as cups and silverware. Colleen starts to break down. Gordon follows her outside to talk to her. Colleen says she is fighting a losing battle. Gordon says he can see the pain on her face. Gordon tells her that there's no standards, and as much as she enjoys the relationships she has, she'll be all alone if the doors close, as everyone else will move on.


Gordon says he's got to pick Colleen up and get her standards up.

Remainder of the Visit

The next day, Gordon gathers the staff and asks all of them to write down questions for each other. The first one asks Colleen why she is hard on the waitresses. Colleen defends herself by saying the waitresses are always texting, even in front of customers. The next asks Naomi why she's a pushover. She says because they're like a family to her. Dominick is asked why they always run out of product. Dominick says it's because he doesn't close every night, but he asks them to make a list of what they need. Things start to escalate and finally Colleen says "Who's the problem? Is it me, is it her, is it you?". Dominick shouts that it's everybody, and that there "ain't a chief here", meaning that Colleen and Naomi need to lead. It's time for the next service. Gordon decides to have Colleen expedite and Naomi run the front. Gordon teaches Kevin a recipe for burger sliders. Ashleigh is caught texting. The service begins. Immediately, they struggle to even find menus to give customers. People like Gordon's sliders and the service is off to a good start. However, Colleen starts to get frustrated while expediting, and other than the sliders, most of the food is still not well received. One plate of vegetables makes Gordon see red, and he orders everyone to stop what they are doing. Gordon decides to shut the restaurant down for the night. He once again gathers everyone, and says they've actually gone backwards. Gordon vows many changes.

Restaurant & Menu Remodel

Gordon's design team redesigns the restaurant and Gordon redesigns the menu. The walls are painted red and the decor in general is much improved, which the staff likes. Gordon puts in a new POS system as well, and a new sign. Gordon showcases the items from his new menu. The staff enjoys the new food.

Final Service

Colleen tearfully tells everyone that she's let them down, but that things will be different going forward. Ashleigh and Teresa go for a smoke and there's nobody there to greet the customers. Kevin and the kitchen get off to a good start, and with Naomi back to expediting, overall things go well. Finally, they've had a good service. Gordon reminds them not to drop their standards. He congratulates Kevin, and says goodbye to Naomi and Colleen.

After Gordon's Departure

Classic American enjoyed some success for a while, and even won some regional awards on Long Island. However, the restaurant closed in 2013.

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