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Frank Gesualdi-Owner/Chef

Anthony Gesualdi-Owner/Manager

Kim Gesualdi-Waitress/Frank's wife

Deborah Gesualdi-Waitress/Anthony's wife


Eddie-Sous Chef

Before Gordon's Arrival

In the famous North End of Boston with its glut of great Italian restaurants is the Davide Ristorante, owned brothers Frank and Anthony Gesualdi. Their wives also work with them. Davide has a great history which precedes their ownership. In 1997, the brothers took it over, Frank had been the Maitre d' there before. At first, they were able to continue Davide's success, but that didn't last. It got worse when Anthony started embezzling money from the restaurant. Anthony admits he did this to buy drugs, as he had a massive drug problem in the past. Frank had to bear all the responsibility and it's beaten him down. Anthony has since gotten clean and returned to the restaurant, but Frank still resents him. They are now $1,000,000 in debt.

First Impressions

Gordon takes a ride on a trolley to get to Davide, and talks with the driver. He says he drives by Davide multiple times a day, but doesn't know anyone who would recommend it. Gordon arrives and is greeted by Anthony. Gordon asks to meet everyone else. They catch Gordon up on their story. Even in telling the story, they get frustrated. Even the wives get involved. Frank decides to sum it up by saying "Anthony, you destroyed the business!". Anthony in turn tells him that he's laid down and died.

First Meal

Food Ordered

Caesar Salad, Eggplant Involtini di Melanzane, Lobster Ravioli, Rack of Lamb

Impressions of the Food

Caesar salad-Andrew makes the salad for Gordon, but it takes him a while. Gordon finally tries it, but because the lettuce is wet, the dressing runs off

Eggplant Involtini di Melanzane-Gordon says it looks strange and hasn't been fried long enough, and questions if it's fresh.

Lobster Ravioli-Gordon declares them nasty and full of "goo". They end up being not made in house at all.

Rack of Lamb-Gordon says the garlic is so bitter he can't even taste the lamb

First Dinner Service

Gordon talks to Frank about his experience, saying he was looking forward to the handmade pasta, and was disappointed that it wasn't fresh. Frank just wants any compliment, even if it's the sauce. Gordon says "If you can't be bothered to cook fresh food, what do you want ME to do?". Frank says he did his best, but Anthony says he can. Gordon believes Anthony but questions if he wants to. Kim also asks Frank if he wants to learn from Gordon. As the dinner is starting, Frank already looks defeated and sits on a bucket behind the line in the kitchen. People know Gordon is there and so the place is packed. Frank's heart is not in it and the kitchen falls behind. As food starts to come back, Frank starts to lose his mind. Finally, Frank literally throws in the towel. Eddie manages to rally and complete the dinner service, but the night was still painful. Gordon gathers the staff and describes him as a ticking time bomb. Kim cries as she talks to Gordon about him. He asks everyone to take some time to think of something to say to Frank.



Remainder of the Visit

The next day, Gordon sits down with Kim, Frank and Anthony. Anthony goes first with a written statement. He apologizes for all that he's done to him, which Frank appreciates as he had never apologized before. Kim tells him that she loves him, but she hates how angry he's been lately and knows it's only because of the burden he's had to shoulder. She wants him to wear a chef's jacket again and show passion, and said that the food he made for Gordon was a cry for help. She demands he put the chef's jacket on immediately, but Frank says he does not yet deserve to. Gordon challenges Frank to make him something, but to make it with passion, not anger. Frank makes him some fish, which he's not confident in, but Gordon assures him it's much better.

Restaurant & Menu Remodel

Gordon's design team redesigns the restaurant. The staff likes the new look. Gordon redesigns the menu, with an emphasis on homemade food.

Final Service

Kim once again implores Frank wear a chef's jacket. Finally Frank gives in. Gordon sits Frank down to talk about Anthony. Gordon confides in him that his own brother Ronnie is also a drug addict who never got clean. Therefore, he should be proud that Anthony did get clean, and he implores him to get over what Anthony has done to him. The service begins. A table with critics from Boston Magazine comes in. They along with the other customers are enjoying the food. Gordon however thinks Frank and Anthony still need to communicate better. Frank then makes a mistake and the pork for the Boston Magazine table is undercooked. Frank is mad at himself, but Gordon inspires him not to let it get to him. On the second try, the pork comes out right. Overall, the final service is a massive success. Gordon tells them how proud he is of everybody, especially Frank. Kim is proud of him too.

After Gordon's Departure

Frank rediscovers his passion for food, and he and Anthony get along better. Gordon returns in a Revisited episode, and things still seemed to be going well. However, Davide still closed in 2014.

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