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Before Gordon's Arrival



Martin-General Manager

Andrew-Operations Manager

Khan-Floor Manager




Vikas-Chef(hired mid-episode)



Martin describes Dillon's as an "American-Irish restaurant with an Indian-ness to it". Andrew can't believe it's lasted this long. Nobody knows what Khan does. Andrew doesn't think very highly of Martin at all. Andrew also says he does all the menial tasks and even cooks all the Western food. Mohammed says he is losing a lot of money and can't continue doing so.

First Impressions

Gordon walks over from his own restaurant down the street, and is immediately baffled by the diverse menu, the multiple managers, and the sheer amount of flies in the restaurant signaling a lack of cleanliness.

First Meal

Food Ordered

  • Vegetarian Appetizer Sampler
  • Beef Bhuna
  • Lamb Biriyani
  • Salmon Nicoise

Impressions of the Food

Vegetarian Appetizer Sampler-Gordon says it looks like a "dehydrated turd", and then says it's got meat in it anyway.

Beef Bhuna-Gordon tries it and can tell it's not even beef. It ends up being lamb

Lamb Biryani-Gordon doesn't like the tomato rose on top, and the tomato used for it and visibly rotted

Salmon Nicoise-Andrew has to make the salmon for Gordon, and even he has no faith Gordon will like it, and to make matters worse, only frozen fish is available. Gordon doesn't like it and even tells Andrew to eat it. Knowing it's not good, Andrew accepts his punishment.

First Dinner Service

Gordon asks Mohammed to translate in Bengali(Mohammed and the cooks are from Bangladesh) his criticism. The cooks say they got nervous and mistakenly served him old lamb. Gordon meets Khan, who is excited to work with Gordon, but rubs him the wrong way when he says "That's why you're here". Martin is lying down in a booth, and a waitress is massaging his scalp. Gordon sees a cook stirring something(albeit in a container) on the floor. Gordon yells for one of the managers, but none come and Mohammed comes instead. Eventually Andrew shows up, and takes over the expediting. He is clearly the closest thing to a competent manager there. Gordon calls for Martin when he sees a cook doing nothing. Gordon also calls Martin out about the waitress rubbing his scalp and his incompetent management. He says Martin is taking advantage of Mohammed, and concludes, "General Manager? General tosspot!"


Gordon says he's never seen a worse restaurant manager than Martin.

Remainder of the Visit

Gordon inspects the kitchen the next day. He sees all kinds of things, such as old potatoes, moldy burgers, discolored chicken, and in the basement it only gets worse, as he finds an infestation of cockroaches. He finds rat traps, and Mohammed says there are rats all over the place. There is a severely rotted pepper, and lettuce. He seeks out Martin again, and this time, Martin is on his phone. Andrew admits it's bad. Martin tries to blame the cooks, and the most rotted thing is a tomato, which is on its way to a customer. Gordon shuts down the kitchen. Gordon has Mohammed and all three managers tell the customers the news. Andrew is embarrassed, and Mohammed mulls closing the business. Gordon takes them to his restaurant, and hires a professional crew of steam cleaners, donning a suit himself to make a point, and makes the staff help them. At Gordon's restaurant, he shows them his kitchen, which is immaculately clean. Mohammed says "All kitchens should be like this". Gordon starts reworking the menu. He shows them a salmon chutney dish. One cook even gives him a big hug. Gordon brings in Vikas Khanna, a renowned Indian chef, one of the best in New York.

Restaurant & Menu Remodel

Gordon renames the restaurant Purnima. He also has the interior overhauled. Vikas and Gordon redesign the whole menu. Vikas does most of the explaining.

Final Service

Gordon organizes the staff. He targets Martin and points out all his flaws. Jenna, a waitress starts to stand up for Martin. Gordon tells her to mind her own business. At this point, Martin gets fed up, complimenting her for being a loyal employee and proud she is standing up for him. Mohammed overrules him, and points out all the things Gordon has done for them, and tries to inspire the staff to "do the job right". Gordon hires a bus and holds a networking event to build some hype. Gordon trusts Vikas to run the kitchen, so he can watch Martin closely. He asks Martin for his phone. Vikas runs the kitchen capably, but Martin struggles, confusing the wait staff. To insult Martin further, he has him sweep up some fallen rice. The food comes out cold for a lot of customers due to the wait staff confusion. Vikas takes the high road, but clearly is baffles by the lack of organization. Khan who gets blamed for not doing anything, is asked by Gordon to essentially take over for Martin. Khan proves a much more effective manager than Martin, and service ends on a good note. Gordon sits Mohammed down. Gordon says he should fire one of the managers and hire Vikas full-time. He tells him that Martin is manipulating him. Martin overhears this, and starts immediately defending himself to Mohammed, pleading his case, and he finally starts defending himself to Gordon. He says he has nothing to be guilty of. Gordon points out the state of the restaurant prior to his arrival, and says that sums up the type of manager Martin is. Martin finally cracks and quits. Mohammed takes Gordon's advice and hires Vikas. Mohammed is very grateful.

After Gordon's Departure

Purnima closed a couple years later in 2009. Martin sued Gordon for his portrayal on the show, but the case was thrown out. After Purnima closed, Andrew and Vikas collaborated on a new Indian restaurant and also wrote two cookbooks together.

Production Notes





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