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Rico Conforti-Owner

Abby Cabral-Owner

Jimmy Berman-Lead Cook/Head Chef(promoted during episode)

James-Consultant Chef

Jason-Head Waiter






Before Gordon's Arrival

In 2005, two friends, Abby and Rico bought a restaurant, DownCity in their hometown of Providence, the state capital of Rhode Island. Rico has a full-time job, so the day to day operations fall on Abby. Abby has 33 years of experience, while Rico is the money. Abby believes in the menu and the food. Abby however is not nice to the staff, and they all consider her a problem. Rico decides they are suffering too many financial losses and calls upon Gordon, nothing that he will have his hands full with Abby.

First Impressions

Gordon walks into DownCity and is greeted by Abby, Rico is not present. Gordon asks her to rate the food, and she calls it a 10. Gordon says he hopes the food is good, as he's just eaten have some bad room service at his hotel. Abby however reveals that they do the room service for that hotel. Gordon continues to describe in great detail why he didn't like the food, and Abby starts to show signs of anger. Finally Abby can no longer remain silent and says "You'd be one of those customers I'd fire immediately." Gordon can't believe she "fires" customers. Gordon offers to try the food again inside the restaurant, but when Abby offers to make a suggestion, Gordon bluntly tells her he doesn't trust her opinion. Gordon nonetheless takes a seat and asks Will to describe the type of food. Will says "comfort food, middle of the road", which also angers Abby. Abby once again offers to make suggestions. Gordon says only if she can be honest with him. Abby continues to be defensive and even starts cursing at him. Finally they agree that he will try the food again, but he is clearly put off by the cold welcome. Josh comes over to serve Gordon. He confirms that Abby is always like that.

First Meal

Food Ordered

Calamari, 3 way nachos, Meatloaf

Impressions of the Food

Calamari-Gordon sees that it's wet, which Josh says is because after it's fried, it's tossed in sauce. Gordon says it is soggy, chewy and disgusting

3 way nachos-Gordon is amused that it's described on the menu as a "party in your mouth", tries it and says it's more like a funeral.

Meatloaf-Gordon declares it to be "lukewarm chunks of crap" and notes that it's not even hot.

First Dinner Service

Gordon meets with Abby and the kitchen team. Gordon asks who the head chef is. Jimmy says there isn't one, but he's the closest thing. Gordon criticizes Abby for not naming a head chef, then berates her again when he realizes Abby designed the menu despite having no cooking background. Abby gets combative and says "bring it on!". Gordon walks out and Abby starts talking to herself, lying down in an empty booth. The staff talks with her out of concern. They tell her honestly that their food isn't that good. Abby acts like this is news to her. They say they haven't told her because they're afraid to. Rico arrives. Abby vents to him about Gordon and the staff. Before he can offer an opinion, Gordon returns. Gordon wants to talk to Rico. Rico tells Gordon he would lose a million dollars if the restaurant closed, and it would jeopardize his own career since he's in finance. Gordon observes the kitchen, but immediately notices that it's dirty. He starts to inspect as the service begins. He summons Abby and Rico to tell what he saw to show them. Gordon again says this is why she needs to name a head chef. Looking for someone to blame, Abby says Jimmy is the head chef. Gordon sees through this, and Abby says to Rico maybe he should just sell now. Gordon interrupts, and Abby then accuses Gordon of creating the mess in the kitchen. Gordon calls her a "stuck up little bitch". Abby curses Gordon off AND flips him the bird, and reiterates that Gordon faked the mess. Gordon threatens to leave and Abby is willing to let him, and hurls insults at him such as calling him an insult to the industry. However, Rico goes after him, he doesn't want him to leave. Gordon asks him to help him with Abby. Rico agrees and Gordon agrees to stay. Gordon walks back in. He admits he's failed before too, but at least he was honest about it and not in denial.


Gordon says Abby is in denial.

Remainder of the Visit

The next day, Gordon gathers the staff and asks them to make anonymous complaints about anyone they wanted. One for Abby asks why the menu is so huge. Another asks Abby and Jimmy why they always run out of things. Jimmy answers that because the menu is so big, it's hard to prep so many things. Another asks Abby why people can't express opinions and takes everything so personally. Abby admits she's been a defensive bitch. Gordon decides to cut the menu in half and teaches the kitchen a new chicken breast recipe. The next dinner service starts much better. However, things go off the rails. The kitchen has trouble working together and Jimmy ends up working three stations by himself. Abby starts lashing out at the kitchen staff, suggesting they're just not good enough. They make it to the end of the service. Outside afterwards, both Abby and Rico yell at Jimmy. Abby tells Gordon that she has no confidence in the kitchen anymore. Gordon says it's not all Jimmy's fault, so he will bring in one of his own chefs to train Jimmy and the staff.

Restaurant & Menu Remodel

Gordon introduces a new menu, developed with his chef, James. Both Abby and Rico are very impressed. The new menu is keeping with the comfort food theme.

Final Service

Gordon invites a local food blogger who had a previous bad experience. However, Abby bickers with Jimmy as they get off to a slow start. The food that does come out however, seems to be worth the wait. The blogger gives a positive review. This turns the tide and Jimmy and the kitchen rebound. Gordon says everyone had a good service. Abby realizes how unprofessional she's been. Rico is also grateful. Gordon says he has faith that if Abby can keep her cool, she can lead DownCity to success.

After Gordon's Departure

Jimmy was officially named the head chef after James finished training him. DownCity closed in 2011. Abby is a personal trainer now. Rico still works in finance.

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