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  • Bill Csepi(owner)
  • Adele Csepi (owner)
  • Cheryl Csepi (co-owner)
  • Bryan (head chef)
  • Joe (sous chef)
  • Jodi (waitress)
  • Christie (waitress)
  • Isabelle (waitress)
  • Lisa (waitress)

Before Gordon's Arrival

Husband and wife Bill and Adele were experienced restaurant owners who had retired. They came out of retirement in 2006 to open one with their daughter Cheryl, Flamango's, a "fine dining" restaurant with a tropical theme. Adele is abrasive to the staff. Bill is getting old and yet does all the menial jobs, and also does a tableside steak service. The chef Bryan laments he has no control over the menu. The place is not doing well, so Adele and Bill see no choice but to call upon Gordon.

First Impressions

Gordon first goes to the Csepi home. Bill greets him, and the exchange is pleasant. Gordon can't believe he came out of retirement, but respects his career. He then meets Adele, and soon after finds out that their daughter Cheryl still lives at home with them, as well. He makes fun of her for this, as she is 42, the same age as he is. Cheryl says she hasn't made money in two years so she has to. Gordon drives her to the restaurant in an antique pickup truck so he can talk to her. He asks her about the name, which baffles him. Gordon walks in and is blown away by the decor. Adele arrives and takes it as a compliment and tells him Cheryl designed it, until Gordon asks "How drunk was she?".

First Meal

Food Ordered

  • Ahi Tuna
  • Flaming Tiki Platter
  • The Flaming Tsunami

Impressions of the Food

Ahi Tuna-Gordon is surprised at how spicy it is, and calls it an embarrassment to tuna. The chef Bryan agrees

Flaming Tiki Platter-Gordon spits it out

The Flaming Tsunami-Bill arrives and puts on a chef's coat to do as a tableside service. Bill brings out a trolley and will grill it on a roof tile. He is amused by the show. When he actually tries it, he says the meat is chewy and tough

First Dinner Service

Gordon goes into the kitchen to talk with Bryan. Bryan doesn't like the menu, but says his hands are tied as the owners set the menu. Gordon doesn't spare him fully, but sympathizes with him nonetheless, blaming the owners, especially Cheryl for not allowing the chef to make his own mark on the menu. The dinner service begins. Gordon also notices the menu is large. Food is slow to leave the kitchen. Adele is already starting to lose it on the staff. When the food finally comes out, much of it gets sent back. Bryan quickly gets frustrated. Gordon now fully sympathizes with him, but asks him to promise to follow him. Bryan agrees. Even easygoing Bill debates the customers about the tableside steaks. Gordon sits Adele and Cheryl down. Gordon says he's worried about how hard Bill works for a man of his age. Adele is completely unmoved, and even mocks him and says his nickname is "poor Bill". Adele and Cheryl also blame Bryan, but Gordon blames them. They say their menu is good, but Gordon plainly tells them "your food is shit!".


Gordon remains worried about Bill

Remainder of the Visit

Gordon calls a staff meeting. Bryan voices his opinions, and Adele is dismissive. Isabelle speaks up, and Adele berates her too saying "You don't freaking listen" and "shut up!". Little is accomplished. Gordon decides to start making changes. Gordon challenges Bryan to show his talent and design a special. He then tells Bill the tableside steaks are no more, and to use his experience to make a special of his own. Bill proudly chooses his meatloaf recipe and is excited. Bryan makes a chicken and shrimp jubilee. The staff enjoys both dishes. Adele is no exception, but criticizes the idea of putting meatloaf on the menu. Gordon makes fun of Cheryl some more, this time about her fake nails. The specials are selling, but Adele is skeptical. Nonetheless, the customers enjoy them. Lisa offers to allow one displeased customer to speak with an owner. As Bill is cooking, Adele comes out. Adele is rude and as she walks about calls one of them a bastard. The regular menu items however cuts down on efficiency for Bryan and the kitchen. Gordon says the small changes are working, but now there need to be more changes. Gordon asks everyone to grab a chair and follow him outside. Everyone helps, Bryan most enthusiastically. Adele and Cheryl are irate. A firetruck pulls up and Gordon sets the chairs, decor and menus ablaze. He then adds the sign. As the memorabilia burns, Adele starts to cry and Cheryl is also sad. Bill is happy.

Restaurant & Menu Remodel

Gordon renames the place to The Junction, after the local train station. Adele is very skeptical. Gordon's design team has also redone the inside. Cheryl actually likes it. Adele still doesn't. Adele hates everything about it and muses "How can you be positive about something you hate? I loved what we had." Gordon has also redesigned the menu. It's smaller, yet more diverse. Bryan likes it, but Adele speaks up again and blasts the menu as "limited". Gordon implores her that her way didn't work, so now she must embrace change. As the staff tries the menu, they all enjoy it, except once again, Adele who claims to hate everything.

Final Service

Adele is still angry and even says she wants to go home. Cheryl thinks maybe success will bring her mother around. Bill tries to tell her people like the new changes, and if the customers like it, that's all that matters. Adele retorts "Screw them!". Bill says they have all the money. Bryan runs the kitchen well, and the customers are happy. When customers tell Adele how much they like everything, even to them Adele is critical. She says of Gordon "How stupid can he be?". Adele doesn't care how successful the night is going, she hates what the restaurant has become, and would rather close shop. Gordon asks Bill to help. Bill challenges his wife to smile, and at least for the rest of the night, it works. Gordon gathers everyone, and praises their performance. Adele remains skeptical about the new concept. As one more parting shot at Cheryl, he says he hopes she moves out of her parents' home. Gordon walks out and says the hardest part was changing Adele.

After Gordon's Departure

Adele couldn't maintain her smile for long, and redecorated the place, but at least Gordon's menu remained in place. Gordon returned and the place was still successful, although Adele still publicly complained about being on Kitchen Nightmares in other forums. The restaurant still closed in 2011 when Bill and Adele retired to Florida. Cheryl is now an interior designer.

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