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  • Eddie "Chief" Fitzpatrick (Owner)
  • Mitch Sandler (Owner/Manager)
  • Maureen Fitzpatrick Sandler (Co-owner, Chief's daughter and Mitch's wife)
  • Annette (waitress)
  • Mario (chef)
  • Gabriel (cook)
  • James Avery (Consultant Chef)

Before Gordon's Arrival

Eddie "Chief" Fitzpatrick is an Irish immigrant who's owned a chain of successful Irish restaurants under the Grasshopper umbrella. This location, run by his son-in-law Mitch and his daughter Maureen is not doing well. Chief blames Mitch for this. The consensus is, Mitch puts in the requisite hours, but it's not productive time. He does a lot of menial tasks which distract him from supervising. Chief is very hard on Mitch in general. It's been very hard on Mitch and Maureen.

First Impressions

Gordon walks in and is greeted by Maureen, and then Chief and then Mitch. Gordon decides to talk to each one-on-one. Maureen tells Gordon of the fighting between her father and husband. Chief tells Gordon that he regrets cutting Mitch into his business. Mitch tells Gordon that Chief is too hard on him. Gordon asks about the food, and Mitch says it's good.

First Meal

Food Ordered

  • French onion soup
  • Shepherd's pie
  • Fisherman's platter

Impressions of the Food

French Onion Soup-Before it even leaves the kitchen, Chief tastes it and says it tastes like tar, but Mitch sends it anyway. Gordon describes it as being like sliced onions dropped in boiling dishwater, and "it's like someone's pissed in my soup".

Shepherd's Pie-Gordon before he even looks at it says it is not a shepherd's pie as it is made with beef. Even as cottage pie, Gordon says it's congealed and has the consistency of glue

Fisherman's Platter-Gordon blasts it as soft and rubbery

First Dinner Service

Sure enough, Chief berates Mitch about the soup and continues to rave to Maureen about how clueless Mitch is. Mitch laments that he honestly thought the food was good. Even Gordon notices the pain on Mitch's face. Gordon talks to the staff. He finds that the scallops were frozen. He finds several more frozen items, and blood from the meat in the breading for the mozzarella sticks. Mitch admits he doesn't check the fridge, that he trusted the kitchen staff. Chief once again makes it known that he blames Mitch. Gordon tells Chief that he may be "the chief" but there's no leader. Gordon realizes that Chief is supposed to be more of a mentor, so he too blames Mitch and decides there will be no dinner service. Chief tells Mitch to have the kitchen staff clean the kitchen. Maureen instead oversees the cleanup. Chief breaks the news to the customers.



Remainder of the Visit

The next day, Gordon goes to Mitch and Maureen's house. Only Maureen is home. Gordon tells her that Mitch is getting destroyed on a daily basis. She admits that her father is too hard on Mitch and he's spent. Gordon vows that the turnaround will start, and asks her to help him to bring Mitch back. He goes back to the restaurant. The kitchen is finally good enough for Gordon to allow them to do a service. Maureen takes Gordon's advice and is more supportive. Gordon talks to Mitch, too. Gordon tells him to relax, and to find his voice. Gordon teaches the kitchen staff a proper Shepherd's Pie and also Fish n' Chips. Chief from his experience knows what good food is, and declares that's the way the food should be. Gordon has Mitch expedite. Chief is also in the kitchen to observe. Mitch starts calling out orders, the cooks don't move. The ticketing system doesn't help. Finally some food comes out. The French Onion Soup continues to be a problem, and Gordon stops Mitch from sending it. Reactions in the dining room are mixed. The cooks make some basic mistakes. Chief berates Mitch again and Mitch is getting sick of it. Gordon yells at all the cooks "You fuckers get paid?! Where's the worry on your faces? If you were my brigade, I would fire you 16 years ago!". Gordon makes a phone call. The service ends. Gordon relays his criticisms of the cooks to the owners. In walks the person Gordon called, a new chef named James.

Restaurant & Menu Remodel

Gordon's design team remodels the restaurant. Everyone approves of the new look. Gordon has also bought them a new POS system. Gordon and James redesign the new menu. The new menu is smaller and more traditionally Irish.

Final Service

Despite James's presence, Mitch is still expediting. Thanks to James however, the food is better. Mitch however, struggles, and it slows everything down. Chief enters the kitchen to yell at Mitch. Maureen tries to stand up for Mitch, but Chief tells her to shut up. Gordon orders that everybody stop. Gordon pulls Mitch from expediting and has James take over. Mitch moves to running food out, but struggles at that, too. Nonetheless, the dinner service is a relative success. Gordon sits everybody down. He implores them to listen to James and make other necessary changes, and wishes them luck. Gordon comments as he leaves that Mitch is not a leader, and that he wishes Chief were younger. Nonetheless, James teaches Mitch to be a better leader. Mario is fired and James trains the rest of the kitchen staff.

After Gordon's Departure

Grasshopper Also was sold in 2012. Other Grasshopper locations are still open. Chief died in 2020, 84 years old.

Production Notes



James was later a Sous Chef on Gordon's other show, Hell's Kitchen.


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