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  • Bill Leroy (owner)
  • Carolyn (owner)
  • Melissa (head chef)
  • Eric (cook)
  • George (cook)
  • Mary Jane (server)
  • Beth (server)
  • Melvin (server)

Before Gordon's Arrival

Billy was a construction worker, before he and his wife bought it. It used to be very popular, but now the bar makes almost all the money. Billy is prone to mood swings, and even the staff realizes the decor is dated and the place is filthy. Billy and his wife believe Melissa is a great chef, but Melissa doesn't consider herself a chef at all.

First Impressions

Gordon arrives in a Hummer(after having trouble finding it). Gordon walks in and meets Billy and Carolyn. They are both pleasant to him. Gordon thinks the prices are expensive and thinks the menu is "weird". He notices the empty dining room.

First Meal

Food Ordered

Clam chowder, seafood crepes, filet mignon fondue

Impressions of the Food

Clam chowder-Without saying anything, Gordon asks for Billy, but surprisingly says he likes it. Even Melissa can't believe it

Seafood crepes-Gordon says the scallops are firm, and the crab is rubbery, which turns out being imitation crab

Filet Mignon Fondue-Gordon declares it rancid, pointless and like dog food, and criticizes the entire concept of the dish

First Dinner Service

Gordon sits down with Billy and Carolyn, as well as Melissa. Melissa admits she never had a passion for food. Melissa runs the kitchen with two cooks. Even Melissa in her indifference admits to being nervous with Gordon around. With no cauliflower, Melissa substitutes radishes. Gordon tries to tell Billy the food isn't good enough. Billy disputes this. Melissa puts orders out at a good rate, but the customers aren't pleased.


Gordon says it's important for Billy to admit the food is bad so the staff can follow.

Remainder of the Visit

Gordon inspects the fridge. It's a real mess. Melissa admits it's dirty, but claims it used to be worse. Billy says the same, and starts to get frustrated with Gordon's criticism. Melissa and the wait staff cleans the kitchen. Gordon tries to talk to Billy again, and gets more aggressive. Billy feels like he's being dragged through the mud and shuts down on Gordon. Billy decides to leave. A couple waitresses try to talk to Billy, and Billy just says "I wouldn't talk to my dog the way that jackass talks to me". Billy calls Carolyn and says they should sell the place, and maybe he'll go back to construction. Billy drives away, and yet shortly thereafter Carolyn arrives. Carolyn says she works another job, but allows Gordon to open the restaurant for the night. Gordon teaches Melissa and the cooks a clam dish, along with homemade chips. The customers enjoy the chips and also the clam dish. Billy returns. He says he's still angry, and is mad Gordon is still there. Carolyn tells Billy she loves him, and Billy says he loves her too and that's the only reason he came back. Melissa starts to get bogged down. The customers get frustrated and even start bickering with each other. Billy admits to Gordon that Melissa is losing control of the kitchen. After dinner, Gordon gathers the staff, and vows to create a new menu.

Restaurant & Menu Remodel

Gordon's design team overhauls the interior, and the staff universally likes it. Gordon declares the restaurant is now a gastropub, and claims it's the first on Long Island. Billy likes the concept.

Final Service

Gordon organizes a motorcycle rally, and even gets Dee Snider to come. Even Gordon rides a motorcycle. Gordon shows them the new menu, and tells Melissa to communicate better. She agrees that she needs to. The dining room is packed. Already, Melissa is not communicating. Dee Snider appears again, on a bike, and he announces that he will auction off the bike. Melissa burns a steak, and Gordon refuses to allow it. Melissa tries to do everything herself and starts making mistakes. Gordon and Billy both tell her to call on the two other cooks, Eric and George to help, and she has them start making more things. The kitchen rallies and the service is a success. Melissa develops a passion she never had before. Billy is optimistic as Gordon leaves.

After Gordon's Departure

Gordon eventually returned in a Revisited episode. Melissa was still the chef, and she said now enjoys being a chef, thanks to Gordon. The fridge is even clean to Gordon's standards. Melissa makes him a filet, which Gordon says is much better than his first visit. Billy complains about the economy, but overall, they're happy with how things are. Handlebar unfortunately went out of business in 2009, a year after Gordon was first there. Sadly, Billy passed away in November 2015 after a bout with cancer.

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