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Before Gordon's Arrival


Tammer, Owner

Bill, Owner

Scott, Owner

AJ, General Manager

Aaron, Chef

Three former bodybuilders buy Jack's Waterfront. It never had a good reputation. AJ, Tammer's father is the GM, and not everyone likes him. One owner, Scott is considered intimidating, and is reduced to a silent partner. A new chef, Aaron is powerless to change the menu.

First Impressions

Gordon arrives via snowmobile. Gordon meets AJ first. He then meets Scott and Bill. He talks to all three individually. AJ thinks nothing is wrong, Bill thinks the food is bad.

First Meal

Food Ordered

Krab Omelette, Fish n' Chips, Honey Pecan Salmon

Impressions of the Food

Krab Omelette-Gordon is disappointed to see it was imitation crab, and declared it tasteless

Fish n' Crabs-Gordon says it's rubbery, frozen and "like a condom"

Honey Pecan Salmon-Gordon says it's too sweet and disgusting

First Dinner Service

Gordon blasts the food, and the chef Aaron agrees. AJ tries to blame Aaron, and then the owners. Tammer arrives, and Gordon talks to him. Tammer says he's in a difficult position with his friends and father. It takes 45 minutes to push any food. When it goes out, it's not right. The owners comp a lot of meals. AJ is also screwing around. Once again, Gordon tries to discern who is responsible for the food. Scott says they trusted AJ who has 40 years of experience. AJ tries to defend himself by saying he brings in a lot of business.


Gordon declares that frozen food has never been so complicated.

Remainder of the Visit

Gordon inspects the walk-in. The risotto is stuck together, the salmon is marinated solid, and the tuna is dyed to look better. Tomatoes have rotted, beef bits are soaked in blood. AJ refuses to take responsibility. For the time being, the owners decide to clean the kitchen. Gordon goes ice fishing with some local fishermen, to highlight the available lake fish in that part of Michigan. Gordon takes some and decides to make a chowder with Aaron and AJ. Aaron likes the idea of it. For the next dinner service, Gordon has Scott run the front of house. Aaron tries to run the kitchen, but the cooks ignore him. As a result, food takes forever to come out.

Restaurant & Menu Remodel

Gordon's design team redesigns the restaurant. The owners and staff all like it. Gordon also redesigns the menu. This particularly excites Aaron.

Final Service

Once again, Aaron is trying to run the kitchen effectively, but again, the cooks don't communicate. They put AJ in the kitchen to help. Scott intervenes and yells for the cooks to listen to Aaron. Aaron admits this was helpful. After the dinner, Scott is still disappointed that AJ has never admitted fault for anything. Tammer comes up with a compromise, that AJ should work less hours for less total pay. AJ accepts but doesn't like it.

After Gordon's Departure

Eventually, the owners fired AJ anyway. Aaron gained the full control of the kitchen. Jack's Waterfront closed in 2010.

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