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Joe Nagy is the owner of the now-closed Mill St. Bistro. He appeared in the two-part episode of the same name.


Joe Appears in the Kitchen Nightmares two-part episode "Mill St. Bistro". He is a short Caucasian man past the point of being middle-aged. He is the owner of Mill St. Bistro and is generally disliked by his staff prior and during Gordon's visit. He first interacts with Gordon at his ranch where he gets the animals he uses for meat. He also reveals his pet goat that serves as his "Dog" named "Skinny".

During Gordon's impressions of the Bistro's food, Gordon dislikes everything he's served and Joe confronts Gordon on the food he served to him. After Gordon goes to another place to eat, a heated argument between Gordon and Joe ensues, where Gordon rips into Joe into his subpar food and Joe deflects everything he says and asks.

Joe goes on to rant to his staff about Gordon, and as soon as he realizes he said this to nearby customers, changes his attitude and is dismissive about what he said. During dinner service, Joe is kicked out by Gordon for his aggression towards his staff as well as the terrible food he's serving.

Joe then watches his staff through a security camera criticize him as a boss, before Gordon reveals a change in menu, and on the Bistro's re-opening, Joe worked as a server. At the end of the Episode, Joe is told by Gordon not to go into the kitchen.

Joe didn't learn his lesson.


  • "I'm self taught by old school Europeans. MasterChefs that had a liking to me."
  • "I'm a passion loving person."
  • "No, you wake up!"
  • "I don't want you to blow smoke up my phoney ass."
  • "My fucking feelings ain't hurt. You can't hurt my feelings."