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  • Andre Ramillon (father/owner)
  • Alex (son/owner)
  • Celine (daughter/owner)
  • Gayle (manager)
  • Martin (head chef)
  • Chuy (consultant chef)
  • Billy (waiter)

Before Gordon's Arrival

La Frite is a longtime successful French restaurant, opened by a French immigrant named Andre. Andre ran La Frite with great success since 1972. Passing it down to his children has proven difficult, as his son Alex had planned to take it over, but his daughter Celine decided she also wanted a piece of the business. Alex resented this and they haven't been able to work together ever since. Business is starting to sag as a result, and the fiery chef Martin is also a question mark.

First Impressions

Before Gordon even leaves for La Frite, Andre goes to Gordon's own Los Angeles restaurant to visit him. He relays his concerns about passing the restaurant down to his kids. He explains that Celine tried something else and failed, and she returned to work for him, which Alex resented. Gordon goes to La Frite, and is greeted by the manager Gayle. He is immediately put off by the unsightly dessert case. Gordon asks for Andre. He comes out and Celine follows. Celine serves him.

First Meal

Food Ordered

  • La Frite Salad
  • Seafood Crepe
  • Quiche Lorraine

Impressions of the Food

The La Frite salad was served in a massive portion and the vinaigarette dressing was too acidic. The seafood crepe was microwaved, as parts of it were hot and parts were stone cold. The Quiche Lorraine was overcooked in the microwave as well.

First Dinner Service

Gordon wants to talk to Martin. He declares the lunch a disaster. Martin claims he used the microwaved, but Gordon knows he's lying. Martin then admits it was. Gordon accuses Martin of sabotaging Celine after hearing that he refuses to listen to her. Martin starts to walk out, feeling attacked. Gordon gets him to stay but Martin pleads that he is stressed and hates working with Celine and claims even Alex is afraid of her. Alex arrives and is unsure how he feels about Gordon being there. Alex tells Gordon that Andre will be at a hockey game, which disappoints Gordon. Gordon talks with Alex, who reiterates that he feels as though Celine shouldn't be there, and even that the restaurant doesn't need much improvement aside from some repairs. The service begins. Gordon notices that Martin doesn't season meat before he puts it on the grill. He then burns a quiche and ignores Celine's criticism, but when Gordon says exactly the same thing, he listens. Alex continues to say there is nothing wrong, and brushes Gordon off. Celine starts to cry. Gordon says Alex is a sponge and has a shit attitude. Clearly Celine is the one who wanted Gordon there. Celine feels like she's the only one fighting to save La Frite. Gordon demands that Andre come from the Kings game he is at. Andre returns, but not until after the game. Gordon tells Andre plainly that he can't do it all himself after they agree that the sibling relationship is the problem.


Gordon says he can't fix La Frite until the personal problems are resolved.

Remainder of the Visit

The next day, Gordon sets up a monitor in the kitchen for Andre to watch. He first talks to Celine in the dining room. She says Alex is probably mad at her because he expected to succeed Andre and run the restaurant his way. Alex arrives unexpectedly. He admits he's put up a wall. They emotionally resolve to work together and tell each other that they love each other. Andre is happy and Gordon reveals Andre watched the whole exchange. Gordon immediately removes the dessert case and puts in a crepe station. Alex will run the front of house and the crepe station while Celine expedites. Once again, Martin won't listen to her, only Gordon. Gordon blasts him, saying his 9 year old daughter could do better. Alex does well making the crepes and is having fun. Gordon gathers everyone, and declares that Martin is the problem.

Restaurant & Menu Remodel

Gordon's design team renovates La Frite. Everyone likes the changes. Gordon redesigns the menu and makes it smaller. As an extra surprise, Gordon brings in one of his own chefs, a man named Chuy. Chuy will retrain Martin and the rest of the kitchen.

Final Service

Martin is nervous about the new menu. Nonetheless, they get off to a good start. However, Martin still won't communicate with Celine. The good start in the kitchen doesn't last and they get backed up. Some people leave in frustration. Gordon tells Celine to do something, and she correctly has Chuy take over control of the kitchen. He communicates much better with her, and the kitchen rebounds, and the service is an overall success. Gordon says they did well, but they wouldn't have if not for Chuy, who again is his own chef. However, Gordon and Andre are happy that at least the sibling relationship is fixed.

After Gordon's Departure

Chuy ends up staying as more than a consultant and takes over as executive chef. Andre hung on to La Frite for a few more years, and then sold it and retired in 2017. Alex is now the Event Manager at a yacht club and Celine is the GM of a gastropub.

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