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Andy Trousdale-Owner/Chef

Elin Trousdale-Owner/Andy's Wife

Hendrick-Sous Chef



Before Gordon's Arrival

British chef Andy Truesdale and his wife Elin moved to Florida and opened Le Bistro. Andy worked in some of the greatest restaurants in the world. Elin believes very much in his food. Andy is arrogant and uncompromising in his belief in himself. Elin has no idea what the problems are. Slowly they are accumulating a lot of debt. Andy doesn't want to have to work for someone else again.

First Impressions

Gordon arrives while Andy is conducting a cooking class. Andy is respectful, but questions what he is doing there at that time. Andy starts to get nervous, especially as Gordon smiles. Gordon can't believe how defensive Andy is. Andy goes over his background, and Gordon realizes he had a similar path as him. Gordon challenges him to make him whatever he wants to make him.

First Meal

Food Ordered

Duck Rillette, Lamb Curry Roll

Impressions of the Food

Duck Rillette-Gordon finds bones or cartilage in the duck and jokes that he chipped his tooth

Lamb Curry Roll-Gordon declares it to be rubbery and out of place in Florida

First Dinner Service

Gordon asks Andy if that was his best, and tells him his food is stuck in the 80s, and sums it all up as depressing. Andy denies anyone telling him about the cartilage/bones in the duck, but Alex did indeed tell him. Andy remains defensive. The dinner service begins. Alex is the only waiter allowed to take orders, which slows things down. The sous chef, Hendrick is not allowed to cook either, his only job is to get Andy what he needs. Andy gets made when Elin takes an order. When a customer sends food back, Andy refuses to redo it, instead telling them to choose something else. Gordon chides Andy for mistreating his wife, and this sets Andy off. Gordon passes out comment cards to the customers at the end of service. Gordon relays the results to Andy. Food was rated 3/10, service 4/10, 78% said they would not come back. Gordon says above all, Andy doesn't respect his customers, and refuses to accept his mistakes. Andy tells Gordon he doesn't intimidate him. Gordon says Andy is blatantly ignorant and says he doesn't care about his customers. Andy starts berating himself in front of the staff. Gordon clears the room. Gordon asks Andy if he would like to change. Andy says he would but doesn't sound sincere.


Remainder of the Visit

The next day, Gordon meets with Andy and Elin on a yacht. Gordon surprises Andy and Elin with some past customers. As each person complains, Andy refuses to respond. Back at the restaurant, Gordon challenges Andy to let Hendrick cook even one dish, Gordon decides on snapper. They staff tries it, and everyone, even Andy, admits it's good. Gordon also decides that both waiters and Elin can take orders. It doesn't take long for the kitchen to get backed up. Andy is moving very slowly and telling Hendrick to hold off. Gordon walks next door to another restaurant and orders something. 10 minutes later, he returns and his food is ready, and Gordon declares it is also good. He tells Elin about this. Finally, Andy and Hendrick can get food out. The snapper is well received, but the other items cooked by Andy aren't praised as much. At the end of the service. Gordon says he is disappointed in Andy. Andy wants to respond and Gordon challenges him, "Tell me, CHEF!", to which Andy defiantly says "My name's Andy". Andy implies the problem is with the locals compared to Europe where he trained. Gordon says he can't have that attitude, and a lot of chefs would kill to have their own place, with their wife in the front. Andy pridefully tells Gordon that he earned it, and finally Gordon sees something in him he can work with. Gordon warns him he's about to blow this opportunity, but "you can win if you want to".

Restaurant & Menu Remodel

Gordon's design team remodels the restaurant. It starts with a new sign. Then they go inside with a newer decor with brighter colors. The staff likes it, Andy included. Gordon and Andy redesign the menu together. Adding new items such as gazpacho, mussels, a burger and the snapper.

Final Service

Gordon invites a host of local dignitaries to fill the dining room, including some critics. Andy shows more trust in Hendrick. They get off to a good start. However, Andy slowly starts to get stressed. Wanting to stop the problem before it starts, Gordon pulls him aside and asks him why he's going back to doing everything. Andy comes back into the kitchen and refocuses. Elin is happy and thinks Gordon respects Andy's ability. Gordon tells Andy as much, and that the problem was never a lack of talent, but his stubbornness and inability to delegate. Gordon leaves, somewhat hopeful, but still worried about Andy's stubbornness. Nonetheless, Andy and Elin embraced what they learned from Gordon, and grew their customer base.

After Gordon's Departure

Le Bistro is still open to this day, and in 2021 celebrated their 20th anniversary. Andy and Elin are still married, and Andy said in an interview, he's glad he participated in Kitchen Nightmares and that he respects Gordon due to their similar backgrounds.

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