Levanti's Italian Restaurant was opened in 1998. It was opened by Dino Fratangeli. His father, Tony, invested his life savings in the business. Dino asked his younger sister, who was a florist, to help him; Tina sold her flower shop and came to help him. Dino walked away from the business for a couple years. They'd owned it for over 14 years before calling in Ramsay.

They owe $1200. If they close, their dad will be out $250,000.

Ordered Food Edit

  • Italian stuffed fillet, medium-rare
  • Stuffed banana peppers
  • Chicken Carletta (came to Dino in a dream)

Food critique Edit

‘I Feel Like I’m Eating Donkey’s Cock’ - Kitchen Nightmares

‘I Feel Like I’m Eating Donkey’s Cock’ - Kitchen Nightmares

His fillet is raw, even though he asked for medium rare. It has also been frozen.

The banana peppers have way too much cheese and it looks like congealed snot. He calls it "strange." They're also frozen and microwaved.

He calls the carlotta a nightmare.

State of the kitchen/restaurant Edit

  • There's crumbs and hair everywhere in the dining room
  • The tomato sauce has fermented

Stated Problems with the Restaurant Edit

  • Tina: People just aren't coming anymore (because they have competition)
  • Sam: Because of Tina and Dino
  • Janay: Dino has absolutely no clue what he's doing in the kitchen. The quality of the food is gross. Tina -- I would replace her with a manager who knew what she was doing. She's a disaster.
  • Tina: He [Dino] is

Actual Problems with the Restaurant Edit

  • It's filthy
  • The cash register sounds like drilling and it's very loud

Relaunch Edit

  • It becomes a contemporary American bistro
  • replaced booths with chairs and tabletops
  • painted walls blue
  • replaced cash register with a POS system
  • invited a chef and a restaurant manager couple to consult
  • Culiquip donated new equipment: 6 burner range with a griddle top; basket fryer; Blodgett convection oven; etc
  • Menu: corn bisque; mussels; great lamb shank; pan-seared salmon...

Significant moments Edit

  • Gina doesn't know how often the restaurant is cleaned.
  • The olive oil is off and the tiramisu has been left out for a couple weeks.
  • Waitress confuses mold with basil
  • Dino has to shut down the restaurant and blames Ramsay. Ramsay gets mad and tells the diners what's wrong with the restaurant.