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Lisa Hemmat-Owner

Damien-Bar Manager



Luis Martinez-Chef

Arturo Martinez-Sous Chef

Scott-Consulting Chef

Before Gordon's Arrival

Lisa graduated from USC with a degree in Business, and straight out of school, bought the restaurant at the age of 23. She even needed her father to co-sign a loan. Five years later, she is struggling, and she is more friends with her staff than a boss.

First Impressions

Gordon drives up in an Audi. He sees that the area is packed and wonders why Lido di Manhattan Beach is not. He is immediately struck by Lisa's youth.

First Meal

Food Ordered

Eggplant Roll, Ahi Tuna Tower, Chicken Tortellini Salad

Impressions of the Food

Eggplant Roll-Gordon says it doesn't look appetizing, then spits it out and says the eggplant is crunchy and undercooked Ahi Tuna Tower-Gordon says it doesn't taste fresh and asks if it's fresh

Chicken Tortellini Salad-Gordon says it tastes like rubber and is cold

First Dinner Service

Gordon talks to the brothers, Luis and Arturo, who admit the fish is frozen, but they're powerless to implement fresh fish. Gordon says even despite Lisa's youth, she should know better. Damien is struggling with an antiquated computer system. This problem spreads to the kitchen. Nonetheless, they push food out, but the customers don't seem to approve. Gordon to his horror sees that the tuna is pre-seared and then finds that Lisa never even looks in the fridge! Gordon starts to check the cleanliness of the kitchen, and finds it is disgusting. Lisa tells him it's not affecting the food and they have customers to serve. Gordon threatens to leave if the kitchen doesn't shut down immediately. Lisa is confused so Gordon tries a more direct approach. He goes into the dining room and invites the customers into the kitchen to see it. They all decide they no longer want to eat there. Lisa calls Gordon a jerk, to which he retorts she should be embarrassed. This drives Lisa to tears, and Gordon tells her to grow up. She goes to the bathroom to continue crying. Gordon takes control and pauses dinner service. He has the staff help clean, which they do willingly. Gordon allows the kitchen to resume service. Various waitresses try to get Lisa out of the bathroom, but she just keeps crying. They make it to the end of service, but the service still did not go well. Finally, Gordon talks to Lisa. Gordon calls her a princess, not as a compliment, and tells her she's in denial. He challenges her to come up with five changes she'd like to make.


Gordon thinks Lisa has never been told the truth.

Remainder of the Visit

Lisa tells Gordon the changes she'd like to make. Among them, she wants to be proud of the food, stick with a menu theme, and learn more herself about the kitchen. Gordon has a change of his own, to destroy the old computer. He starts, and then the staff all take turns with the baseball bat. Gordon teaches the chefs and Lisa a new tuna dish, so she can still learning about the kitchen as she wants to. Gordon decides to take it a step further, and puts Lisa in the kitchen. Predictably, she struggles as she has no experience. Although even the experienced chefs prove to be lazy and also making mistakes. As Lisa is in the kitchen, Damien is running the front by himself, and doing well, but when he communicates with the kitchen, they try to blame him. However, Lisa starts to get the hang of it, and even enjoys it a little.

Restaurant & Menu Remodel

Gordon and his design team remodel the restaurant, with painted walls, new booths and new plates. He changes the concept to a wine bar as well. He then reveals he's bought them a new POS system. Gordon also redesigns the menu, with new fresher items.

Final Service

Lisa returns to the front of house. The chefs get off to a very slow start, and aren't even talking to each other. When the food makes it out, it comes out cold and with other mistakes. Lisa, with a better understanding of the kitchen starts to yell at the kitchen staff. They all decide to walk out. Gordon pulls out his cell phone and calls a man named Scott. It turns out Scott is one of his own chefs. Luis, Arturo and the cooks do return, but Scott still arrives, and takes over control of the kitchen. Thanks to Scott, they rebound and the service is an overall success. Gordon tells Lisa he is impressed with how quickly she's learned from him. He tells her however, that he's not sure about the rest of the staff.

After Gordon's Departure

Scott retrains Luis and Arturo and they improve greatly. As of 2022, Lido di Manhattan Beach is still open and still owned by Lisa, and Luis and Arturo still run the kitchen.

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