Nino's Italian Restaurant was a family restaurant in Long Beach, California. They'd owned it for 54 years. The wife is Italian and the husband is Italian. Their son, Nino, is the manager.

Food ordered Edit

  • Chicken Piccata (soggy and floury)
  • Meatball (tastes 54 years old)

Problems Edit

  • Nino, the manager oldest son, sits around watching TV. He's really only there at lunch.
  • There isn't any direction in the direction

Significant moments Edit

“Hello, My Name's NINOOOOO!” - Kitchen Nightmares

“Hello, My Name's NINOOOOO!” - Kitchen Nightmares

  • Some customers found hair in their food and Nino accused them of lying and planting it there.
  • Ramsay finding multiple bits of gum under the tables.
  • Nino lies about cleaning every day for hours.
  • Nino showed pictures of himself cleaning all the bottles.