Sam's Mediterranean Kabob Room was owned and operated by Sam Najjar and his family. Their father opened the restaurant in 1997.

The children want to move on with their lives, but they have to stay behind to help their family.

Food ordered Edit

  • Lamb shank (from New Zealand)
  • Vegetarian combo
  • Gyro
  • Top sirloin steak and shrimp, medium rare

Food Critique Edit

  • No seasoning/bland
  • canned eggplant
  • Lamb "looks anemic"
    • "Do me a favor, send that back to [censored] New Zealand."
  • Steak was well-done, not medium rare.
  • Scampi was rubbery and overcooked.
  • 'Anywhere in the Med, food doesn't look like this.'

Problems with the restaurant Edit

  • Their dad, arguing, etc.
  • All 5-7 children work full time, 7 days a week. None of them want to be there.
  • Sam doesn't pay his children a salary and they live at home with him.

Significant moments Edit

  • The children meet with Ramsay at the airport.
  • "Meat" is misspelled on the menu, as well as a few other misspellings

Kids are heard fighting in the kitchen from the dining room

  • 2 tables left because of the arguing.

Closing statement Edit

Wow. You say kebob, and I say kehbab