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Before Gordon's Arrival


Peter, Owner

Irene, Peter's mother, Owner

Marilyn, Waitress (since 1967)

Doug, Chef (fired mid-episode)

Charles, Sous Chef (fired mid-episode)

Diane, Waitress

Scott, Chef (hired mid-episode to replace Doug and Charles)

Jean-Baptiste, Maitre D' (works for Gordon, brought in to train Peter)

Seascape is a longtime Long Island institution, but it's fallen on hard times in recent years. Peter has taken it over after the death of his father two years earlier. His mother Irene is also still involved. Since the restaurant is old, it is falling apart. Peter has no control over the chef, Doug. Doug is very experienced and graduated from the Culinary Institute of America.

First Impressions

Gordon walks up and acknowledges the restaurant's history. He walks in and greets Peter and Irene and the staff. He meets Doug who is initially happy to meet him, but is also insulted that he's even there. Irene tells Gordon that she thinks the restaurant is poorly run, and Peter doesn't listen. Irene also claims the board of health gave their cleanliness a good grade.

First Meal

Food Ordered

Crab Cakes, Pesto Lobster Ravioli, Blackened Atlantic Salmon

Impressions of the Food

Crab Cakes-Gordon notices all the parsley, and says the crab cakes fall apart and are clearly not fresh. Gordon quips "They've got it wrong on the menu, it's not a crab cake, it's a crap cake".

Lobster Ravioli-Gordon says it's soggy and also tastes not fresh, the pesto is curdled

Blackened Atlantic Salmon-Salmon is dry inside

Greek cookie(kourabiedes)-Irene brings Gordon Greek cookies called kourabiedes. He tries one and starts choking, and comments to the other customers, "I'm surprised you're all still alive"

First Dinner Service

Without commenting further, Gordon observes dinner service. A lot of customers are sending food back. In one instance, Doug can't even agree that the plates are cold(Gordon confirms they are). Charles spills a bucket of tomato sauce by mistake, but neither he or Doug think to clean it. Peter ends up cleaning it himself. Gordon is incredulous at Peter for doing it.


Gordon thinks Doug's obsession with parsley is the sign of a dated restaurant.

Remainder of the Visit

Gordon arrives early the next morning to inspect the kitchen. Gordon finds all the things he ate the day before. The lobster ravioli is frozen and the pesto is moldy. Peter claims he checks the kitchen every week. He also questions Irene's comments from the day before. Doug admits his own kitchen is a mess, but still finds Gordon's criticisms insulting. Gordon tells him "you'll kill whatever customers we've got left". Doug admits the pesto is bad, but claims he didn't see it. Gordon decides to shut down the restaurant as lunch is starting. Doug claims he works hard from 11 AM until the first table comes in. Gordon also spars with Charles about his attitude. Gordon questions where Peter's fight and passion are, and Irene takes the opportunity to berate Peter telling him he needs to find the courage to tell off staff members that deserve it, especially Doug. Finally, Gordon gets them to clean the kitchen, and starts working with Doug and Charles. Gordon starts teaching them a new bass dish with fresh basil tomato sauce. Peter and Irene try it and enjoy it. Doug refuses to try it. Doug says he knows what striped bass tastes like, and Gordon is insulted. As the next dinner starts, Charles is burning a piece of fish. Charles is indifferent to Gordon's criticisms. Gordon says "I don't know how you can call yourselves chefs". Gordon implores Peter to fire Doug and Charles. Peter agrees but is afraid to. Irene also agrees and echoes what Gordon says. Peter struggles, but manages to fire Doug and Charles. Gordon meets Peter at a gym with a boxing ring, to try to bring something out in Peter. Peter stops and starts talking about his father. He said his father never complimented him about anything and always berated him, and it's time to stop using that as an excuse.

Restaurant & Menu Remodel

Gordon's design team overhauls the interior. Gordon hires a new chef, Scott. Gordon and Scott train together and design a new menu. Gordon also brings in Jean-Baptiste, the maitre d' who's managed a lot of his own restaurants, to train Peter. In addition to training him, Jean-Baptiste suggests Peter wear a jacket.

Final Service

Peter does wear a jacket. There are a lot of people coming in. Jean-Baptiste thinks Peter is struggling. The waitresses are overwhelmed and the kitchen is getting backed up. Scott and the waitresses are having trouble adjusting to each other. Irene starts yelling at Peter. Peter is starting to melt down. Gordon talks to him, and reminds him about the boxing ring. Peter decides to put Jean-Baptiste in the kitchen and have him start expediting. This helps to sync up the waitresses with the new chef, Scott. Gordon continued to train Peter and Scott. Scott flourishes as the chef, and they even bring back tableside flambe. Gordon says goodbye to a very appreciative Peter and Irene.

After Gordon's Departure

Peter ran the restaurant well for a few more months and then sold it.

Production Notes



This is the first of many times Gordon shuts a restaurant down before service even starts.


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