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The first season of Kitchen Nightmares (US) aired between September 19, 2007 - December 12, 2007. It was followed by Season 2, which aired on September 4, 2008.

# # in season Episode Air date Summary
1 1 "Peter's" September 19, 2007 Gordon travels to Babylon, New York to help a family owned Italian restaurant with no communication, subpar food and an arrogant owner who spends more money on his extravagant lifestyle than supporting the business.
2 2 "Dillon's" September 26, 2007 Gordon travels to New York city to help a struggling Indian restaurant correct their substandard food, bad management practices and poor state of the kitchen and food storage. Note: the restaurant was renamed Purnima during production.
3 3 "The Mixing Bowl" October 3, 2007 Gordon travels to Bellmore, New York to help an American bistro revamp their dated food, mend a broken relationship between the husband and wife owners and stand out among other new eateries in the local area.
4 4 "Seascape" October 10, 2007 Gordon travels to Islip, New York to help breath life back into a 45 year old seafood restaurant with a clueless owner at the helm, a lazy chef and decor that is stuck in the past.
5 5 "The Olde Stone Mill" October 17, 2007 Gordon travels to Tuckahoe, New York to try and save the Olde Stone Mill, a eatery with dated food, a defiant owner with no experience in the restaurant industry and a kitchen staff who have lost their passion.
6 6 "Sebastian's" November 7, 2007 Gordon travels to Los Angeles to try to save Sebastian's, a pizzeria with an owner who thinks his confusing restaurant concept is pleasing the locals when it is actually turning them away.
7 7 "Finn McCool's" November 14, 2007 Gordon travels to Westhampton, New York to help save Finn McCool's, an Irish pub with surprisingly little Irish fare on the menu, a chef with hardly any experience and a pair of owners who could lose everything if the business fails.
8 8 "Lela's" November 21, 2007 Gordon travels to Pomona, California to help save an upscale looking restaurant with low quality food. He must guide the staff and kitchen team to get back on track before the owner is forced to close its doors.
9 9 "Campania" November 28, 2007 Gordon heads to Fair Lawn, New Jersey to help Campania, an Italian restaurant where the staff treat the business like it is a frat house, joking around and drinking on the job while the kitchen serves up one bad dish after another. Gordon has to act quickly before the owner's attitude and staff behavior force the restaurant to shut down entirely.
10 10 "The Secret Garden" December 12, 2007 Gordon travels to Moorpark, California where he meets an arrogant and deluded chef who thinks everything he does is perfect. Ramsay tries the subpar food and finds moldy produce in the walk-in freeze before trying to save the fancy French restaurant that is on its last legs.


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