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The second season of Kitchen Nightmares (US) aired between September 4, 2008 - January 15, 2009. It was followed by Season 3, which aired on January 29, 2010.

# # in season Episode Air date Summary
23 1 "Hot Potato Cafe" September 4, 2008 Gordon revisits Finn McCool's, The Olde Stone Mill, The Mixing Bowl, Dillon's, Campania and Peter's to see how their restaurants are faring after his first visits to their businesses.
24 2 "Flamangos" September 11, 2008 Gordon visists Mount Sinai, New York to help Handlebar, a dive bar and restaurant that is suffering from cliched, bland food, owners with no restaurant experience and a chef that needs motivation to show up and cook.
25 3 "Bazzini" September 18, 2008 Gordon travels to Macomb Township, Michigan to help an Italian eatery whose bland food has turned away the locals. The atmosphere in the kitchen is chaotic and managed by a chef who has no clue what he is doing. Gordon has to implement changes swiftly before the owners and staff dig a hole their business cannot get out of.
26 4 "Mojito" September 25, 2008 Gordon travels to Great Neck, New York to help Trobiano's, an Italian restaurant who has been hindered by its boring menu, drab decor and a surplus of seniors, who take advantage of the restaurant's specials, which have ended up losing them money.
27 5 "Black Pearl" September 25, 2008 Gordon travels to New York and meets three owners struggling to keep their Seafood restaurant afloat. After tasting subpar food and battling with David, an owner is denial, he has his work cut out for him, to save an eatery located in one of the most competitive restaurant cities in the country.
28 6 "J Willy's" October 30, 2008 Gordon travels to South Bend, Indiana, to help breath life back into an American style restaurant J Willy's, where the standards have hit rock bottom. He's forced to battle with the owners and show them the way to properly run a kitchen after tasting disgusting food and seeing restaurant practices that make him question the passion the staff bring to the table.
29 7 "Hannah & Mason's" November 6, 2008 Gordon travels to Cranbury, New Jersey where he finds a depressing American bistro and two chefs with no passion. After trying the disappointing food he holds nothing back to reignite the spark in both the chefs and the restaurant as a whole.
30 8 "Jack's Waterfront" November 6, 2008 Gordon travels to St. Clair Shores, Michigan to help restore a lakeside seafood restaurant with a dysfunctional slew of owners and management. After trying frozen seafood despite being on the river, watching a manager drink and party with the guests even though he was on the job and discovering the unsafe storage of food, Gordon has to act quickly before it is too late.
31 9 "Sabatiello's" November 13, 2008 Gordon travels to Stamford, Connecticut where he finds a arrogant, pompous owner running a subpar Italian restaurant using day old, frozen ingredients. Gordon must change the food and get through to the stubborn owner quickly before he drags his restaurant down past the point of no return.
32 10 "Fiesta Sunrise" November 13, 2008 Gordon heads to West Nyack, New York to help save a Mexican restaurant with a confused manager at the helm. His step daughter and wife have invested heavily in the business and if Gordon can't turn the business around they both will lose everything.
33 11 "Sante La Brea" November 20, 2008 Gordon travels to Los Angeles, California to help save a health food restaurant that suffers from a micromanaging owner, underwhelming, stale food and a cluttered dining room. Gordon has to get through to the owner quickly before his compulsive behavior forces his business to shut down.
34 12 "Cafe 36" November 20, 2008 Gordon heads to La Grange, Illinois to help save an upscale bistro from shutting for good. Gordon comes face to face with confusing, subpar dishes, an old fashioned dining area and a head chef that isn't concerned with the restaurant's success or the quality of the meals he is serving.


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