Season 3 (US)

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The third season of Kitchen Nightmares (US) aired between January 29, 2010 - May 21, 2010. It was followed by Season 4, which aired on January 21, 2011.

# # in season Episode Air date Summary
23 1 "Hot Potato Cafe" January 29, 2010 Gordon heads to Fishtown, Philidelphia to help a potato themed restaurant after a scathing food critic review turned customers away and gave their business a bad reputation in the community. Gordon helps mix the menu and gives the dining rooms several updates.
24 2 "Flamangos" February 2, 2010 Gordon travels to Whitehouse Station, New Jersey to help save a Hawaiian themed restaurant that has an elderly owner tired out. The food is repulsive, the decor is ugly and the female owner is in complete denial and resistant to change. Note: the restaurant was renamed The Junction during production.
25 3 "Bazzini" February 5, 2010 Gordon travels to Ridgewood, New Jersey to hello breath life back into an American-Italian bistro. The chef and owner has lost passion, the food is mediocre and the restaurant is closed for lunch, meaning lots of revenue is being missed.
26 4 "Mojito" February 25, 2010 Gordon travels to Brooklyn, New York to help a Mexican restaurant get back on its feet. The owners, who were formerly married are constantly feuding, the food is disgusting and they have created a bad reputation in the community.
27 5 "Lido di Manhattan" March 4, 2010 Gordon travels to Manhattan Beach, California, an upscale eatery who has a young owner at the helm. The food is overpriced and not up to par, the kitchen is filthy and the owner does not take responsibility for her business and the mistakes her and her staff are making.
28 6 "Le Bistro" March 11, 2010 Gordon travels to Lighthouse Point, Florida to help restore a Bistro that is on its last legs. The chef is arrogant and rude to staff and customers, the food is overpriced for the area and they have turned away locals thanks to the long waits for food and the animosity between the owner and the clients.
29 7 "Casa Roma" March 12, 2010 Gordon visits Lancaster, California to help a bar and Italian restaurant regain its former glory. The chef is lazy and in complete denial, the food is disgusting and takes long to arrive and the dining room and kitchen is a complete mess. Note: this episode was produced as part of season 2, but not aired until season 3.
30 8 "Mama Rita's" March 19, 2010 Gordon travels to Newbury Park, California to help a Mexican restaurant with an owner who thinks a catering business is the same as running a dine-in restaurant. The kitchen staff are not experienced with cooking fresh food, the freezers are jam packed with frozen products and the manager does not know what is wrong with the business even though it is crystal clear to Gordon.
31 9 "Anna Vincenzo's" March 26, 2010 Gordon heads to Boca Raton, Florida to help save an Italian restaurant with one of the most defensive, rude owners yet. The menu is huge and the quality and consistency is not up to par, the staff are fed up with being berated by the kitchen staff and customers are turned off by the owner's malicious personality.
32 10 "Revisited" April 9, 2010 Gordon revisits Santé La Brea, Finn McCool's and Giuseppi's to see how their restaurants are faring after his first visits to their businesses.
33 11 "Fleming" May 7, 2010 Gordon visits Miami, Florida to help save a Danish restaurant. The chef is lazy and has lost his passion for cooking Danish cusisine, the food is old fashioned and bland and the dining room is painted a hideous shade of pink. Gordon has to think fast or this long running restaurant might have to shut its doors for the last time.
34 12 "Sushi-Ko" May 14, 2010 Gordon heads to Thousand Oaks, California to help a failing Greek restaurant. The business is losing money each money and the husband and wife owners are on the brink of divorce with their daughter caught in the middle. Gordon needs to work quickly to help correct the food, decor and worker dynamic before the restaurant rips this family apart.
35 13 "Revisited" May 21, 2010 Gordon revisits Handlebar, Casa Roma and The Black Pearl to see how their restaurants are faring after his first visits to their businesses.


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