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  • Sebastian, Owner/Chef
  • Nicole, Sebastian's Wife/Owner
  • Lou-Bertha, Manager/Cook
  • Q, Cook
  • Nate, Cook
  • Andre, Cook
  • Ali, Waitress
  • Joy, Waitress
  • Sonja, Waitress

Before Gordon's Arrival

Sebastian Di Modica is a part-time actor from Boston who opened Sebastian's 2 years before Gordon arrived. Sebastian claims his parents taught him how to cook since he could walk. His staff on the other hand are afraid of him and his temper. Sebastian admits he frequently fires people, up to 49. His staff explains the "concept", providing multiple combinations, but it confuses the customers. Sebastian admits that his wife put up most of the money to help him buy the place.

First Impressions

Gordon pulls up in a Jaguar convertible. Sebastian is happy to see him when he walks in, and says he meets and greets every customer personally. Gordon sees photographs on the menu, to which he says he has a rule, "if I see photographs, get the fuck out of there". Sebastian shakes it off and explains the "concept" to him, which baffles him.

First Meal

Food Ordered

Calamari, Popeye pizza, steak

Impressions of the Food

Calamari-Gordon can tell it's frozen by sight, and asks the waitress for a sick bag. He also remarks "this confirms two things. Shit chef, and a dishonest one"

Popeye pizza-Gordon says it's soggy, and questions why they don't use the wood-burning ovens

Steak-Gordon says it's cooked to hell, and underseasoned

First Dinner Service

Sebastian and Gordon bicker and Sebastian brags to his staff that he's won the argument, but Gordon overhears this and walks back in, and says "Listen here big boy, right now you've won jack shit." Sebastian says the fact that he's still there and still in business makes him proud. Gordon shakes his head and walks out, and Sebastian once again claims to have won the argument, this time to Gordon's face. As dinner service begins, Sebastian schmoozes with the clientele, many of which he knows from the Hollywood community. Gordon finds that Sebastian isn't much of a leader in the kitchen either. Lou-Bertha, a cook who is also a manager tries to step up. Gordon decides to inspect the fridge, and sees most of the things there are frozen and/or processed. Sebastian notices and attempts to be more of a leader. However, Sebastian and the cooks make a lot of mistakes. Sebastian has a good attitude with the customers and comps their meals, but Gordon remarks that this is losing them money. He also observes that Sebastian is sitting in the dining room with his friends. He pulls him aside, and again mentions the frozen food. Sebastian brags that he has a franchisable concept, and hopes there will be "Sebastian's all over the world".


Gordon declares Sebastian a fake chef and says "That's not cooking". In a staff meeting, Gordon says the confusion is holding the place back, and they need a new menu.

Remainder of the Visit

The next day, Gordon brings in two guys to teach the cooks how to toss pizza dough. The cooks enjoy tossing the pizza themselves.

Restaurant & Menu Remodel

Gordon has the restaurant remodeled, with new tables and chairs, among other things. The staff, including even Sebastian love it. Gordon unveils a state-of-the-art dough machine to help them make fresh dough. However, Gordon then unveils the new menu. His new menu is much more simple, ridding the restaurant of "the concept", and using the pizza ovens to make real pizzas, and even roast chicken. Sebastian doesn't like it because it lacks uniqueness, and still loves his own menu.

Final Service

The cooks prepare for the dinner service, but Sebastian is still angry about Gordon's new menu, and takes to doing menial tasks, like vacuuming. Gordon attempts to calm him down, but Sebastian only pretends to listen. The waitresses find their jobs easier with the new menu. The cooks consistently make the pizzas, and other new items, and the people like them. Sebastian freezes and when he does decide to return to the kitchen, Sebastian re-implements the old menu. With two menus in play, the kitchen staff and the wait staff become confused. Gordon notices and tries to stop him. He pulls him aside and reflects on their animosity towards each other, but laments that Sebastian refuses to change, and says "I've never ever ever ever ever EVER met someone I believe in as little as you" and predicts Sebastian will go back to his old ways when he leaves. Sebastian paces the restaurant and starts screaming as Gordon walks away. Sebastian walks down the street and goes looking for Gordon. He finds him, and they curse at each other. Sebastian gets emotional after the fight and cries for the camera. Gordon has returned to the restaurant and motivates the kitchen staff. Sebastian then returns to the restaurant too. Sebastian starts working hard, and finally starts effectively leading the kitchen and puts out good food. Gordon addresses the staff after dinner service. He compliments the cooks, especially Lou-Bertha and Andre. Gordon leaves and says he's worried that Sebastian won't keep his changes.

After Gordon's Departure

Sebastian quickly went back to his old menu. Sebastian's closed in early 2008, and Sebastian and his wife and son move back to Massachusetts. Sebastian no longer acts and has left the culinary world.

Production Notes



  • Q later appeared as a cook in the Casa Roma revisited episode


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