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Before Gordon's Arrival

Spanish Pavilion was the first ever Spanish restaurant in New Jersey. It's in Harrison, just outside Newark. Harrison is now home to multiple Spanish restaurants. It was founded by Antonio Fernandez in 1963. He retired in 1996. It was taken over by his daughter and grandsons. Michael has gotten lazy in the kitchen and has been cooking less and less as time goes by. Jerry cares more about his political career as a councilman, but he admits Michael is a deterrent. Suddenly they are in major debt, and hemorrhaging money.

First Impressions

Gordon walks in and can't believe all the waiters are wearing tuxedos. Jerry is skeptical, as it was Michael who wanted to invite Gordon to come. Gordon also meets Balbina, Michael and Jerry's mother who is also an owner and the daughter of the founder. Jerry implores Michael to do a good job. Michael decides not to cook anything, saying he trusts his cooks.

First Meal

Food Ordered

Lobster Bisque, Chicken in Garlic Sauce, Paella

Impressions of the Food

Lobster Bisque-Gordon says it's very creamy and questions if the lobsters were already dead. He asks to examine the lobster tank. Sure enough some of the lobsters are dead, which contaminates even the live ones.

Chicken in Garlic Sauce-Gordon can tell be sight that there's too much olive oil, and overall the dish is gross

Paella-Gordon is reluctant to try it since he knows about the tank. Gordon tries it however, and says the whole thing is overcooked

First Dinner Service

Gordon relays his criticisms to Michael. Michael disputes them all, then reveals he didn't personally cook anything. Gordon questions what Michael actually does. Michael says he tastes everything. Gordon says his grandfather would beat him up if he ate what he just ate. The service begins. Michael is outside the kitchen at the bar. The kitchen still works fast, but a lot of dishes get sent back. Michael jumps in to try to get things back on track, but Jerry doesn't trust him and does the same. Al starts yelling and cursing, and Michael tries to throw him out. Even Gordon tries to calm things down. Michael steps out to catch his breath and Jerry takes over expediting. After the service, Gordon chides the whole situation.



Remainder of the Visit

Gordon comes in early the next morning to inspect the fridges. They have way too much product, and even more dead lobsters, and in general filth, not to mention a live pigeon. There's a lot of waste. The three owners arrive, and Michael reveals he does the ordering. Gordon sums it up by saying "You're burning money you haven't got!". Jerry and Balbina are disappointed in Michael. Gordon sits Balbina down. She says her father would never accept this, and they agree that Michael and Jerry need to learn to work together. Gordon challenges Michael to develop a special. Gordon tries to show him a proper version of Chicken in Garlic Sauce. Michael gets inspired and attempts an octopus dish. Gordon tries it and praises it. Both dishes will be specials. The menu has largely stayed the same and confuses the waiters. Gordon has Michael cook and Jerry expedite. Michael is doubting himself, but the customers are happy. Michael gets overwhelmed easily, and Jerry is growing impatient. Gordon then realizes the chicken is spoiled and stops them immediately, and now it's his turn to yell. They find some fresh chicken and Jerry leads a comeback. Gordon says they improved from the previous night, but is worried that Michael didn't catch the spoiled chicken.

Restaurant & Menu Remodel

Gordon's design team remodels the restaurant. The owners all enjoy the new look. Gordon points out how much competition they have, and so he redesigns the menu to help it to stand out. Gordon's new menu focuses on tapas. Gordon also has the waiters wear black dress shirts, doing away with the tuxedos.

Final Service

Michael is once again nervous. They get off to a good start, but the dining room starts to get packed. Michael starts to get flustered and everything slows down. Jerry does his best, but Michael starts to shut down. Gordon implores Michael to calm down and work with Jerry. This turns things around and the customers leave happy. Gordon says they've had a good night, but to keep at it the next day. Gordon sits Jerry and Michael down by themselves. Gordon praises Jerry's leadership. He also praises Michael's heart, but tells him he needs to learn to focus better. Above all, he tells them to look after each other.

After Gordon's Departure

Jerry devotes more time to the restaurant, and Michael is working harder in the kitchen. Spanish Pavilion is still open to this day and still owned by Jerry and Michael(May 2022).

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