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Before Gordon's Arrival


Dean, Owner

Barbara, Dean's Wife

Tom, General Manager

Mike, Chef

Jeanie, Hostess

Dean bought a former mill, and with his own two hands renovated it into the Olde Stone Mill restaurant. Dean also has a temper, but he thinks his food is good. The chef, Mike, admits he's lost his passion for food. Dean has trouble getting people to work for him. Some days, nobody comes in at all. Dean and his wife Barbara are worried for themselves and their children.

First Impressions

Gordon arrives on a motorcycle, and says he almost missed it. He says the building is beautiful, which worries him because nobody goes there. Gordon meets the staff who are happy to see him.

First Meal

Food Ordered

Crab Cakes, Shrimp, Chop Salad, Risotto, Papillot

Impressions of the Food

Crab Cakes-Gordon says it tastes strange, almost like sour mayonnaise

Shrimp-Gordon doesn't understand why it's wrapped in phyllo dough

Chop Salad-Gordon thinks the shape is weird, and sees it's been formed by a funnel. When he eats it, he says "Please don't make me eat any more of this shit"

Papillot-"Gross, pretty gross", "my 8 year old daughter can cook better than that"

Risotto-"It just purees in your mouth", and says it scares him they can't make even a risotto right

First Dinner Service

Dean is very angry at Gordon's criticisms. Gordon sits down with Dean and Barbara. Dean doesn't tell Barbara much about their finances because he doesn't want to worry her. Dean admits they are half a million dollars in debt. The restaurant is busy thanks to Gordon. Gordon can't believe Mike is by himself in the kitchen. Gordon asks the GM, Tom what his strengths are. Tom has no answer. Mike doesn't think his food is good, so he tries to present it to make up for it. Some customers think the food is ok, but some send their food back. Dean puts Mike under more pressure, forcing Mike to put food out he's not happy with. Gordon confronts Dean about this and Dean gets angry again.


Gordon gathers the staff, and tells them all about Dean's standards. Dean is getting visibly angry, and decides to fight back. Gordon dismisses the staff so they can go at it more. Gordon then criticizes Dean for his customer interactions. Dean questions if Gordon asks his customers about their dining experience before quipping that he "probably pays 10 people to do that", to which Gordon hits back with "I listen to the phone every morning to hear how booked I am". Gordon calls Dean a fake, they curse at each other and Dean walks away. Gordon challenges his manhood, and Dean comes back. Dean says he has a commitment to his place that Gordon will never in his life have for any of his restaurants. Gordon notes the pride Dean has in his appearance and says if he took the same pride in his restaurant, he wouldn't serve the food he does.

Remainder of the Visit

The next day, Gordon tours the town and sees what they have. Gordon goes into a butcher shop, and asks the butcher why there aren't any steakhouses. The butcher comments that people love their meat, and a steakhouse would do well. Gordon buys a prime rib and brings it to the restaurant and shows it to Mike. Gordon and Mike make a prime rib together. Mike is excited about the opportunity to cook with Gordon. Gordon also teaches him a new recipe for chop salad. As a joke, Gordon burns the funnel. Gordon then talks to Dean, and points out the lack of a local steakhouse. Dean is skeptical, but Mike is all for it. Dean is incredulous at Gordon and says "That's your resurrection? You cook a simple prime rib?". Gordon once again is ready with his own comeback, "I've got 12 successful restaurants, highly profitable, and you my man missed out on a dream."

Restaurant & Menu Remodel

Gordon's design team puts in a new sign. Dean appreciates the sign, but is still skeptical about the steakhouse concept. Gordon puts up pictures of Dean renovating the building. Everyone likes the new look. Gordon also re-designs the menu, and sure enough, it's steakhouse based.

Final Service

Gordon trains Tom and Dean on how to sell the steaks. Tom struggles with this. Dean starts to question the quality of his staff. The Mayor walks in, and Dean is nervous. Tom is sweating profusely. The customers love the food, but very few are getting it. The printer in the kitchen is malfunctioning, and the kitchen gets more backed up. Dean starts screaming at Mike, arguing that the printer does work and to "read the fucking ticket!". Dean gets more involved and Tom sorts out the printer problem. Everybody rallies, and the customers enjoy their food. The day after, Gordon talks to Dean again at a local park. Dean is afraid of failure, and doesn't think Gordon understands what he's going through. Gordon confides in him that his first restaurant in his hometown that he opened when he was 26 failed, and he said it helped shape him into who he became. Gordon says goodbye to Dean, Mike, Tom and Jeanie, and even Barbara and Dean and their kids. Gordon has one last surprise, a lighted sign on the side of the building.

After Gordon's Departure

The Olde Stone Mill is still open, although Dean sold it. It is now called DiNapoli's Stone Mill. Dean opened an Italian restaurant in Connecticut called Siena in 2011.

Production Notes



Not mentioned in the show, Dean was also an actor and has multiple IMDB credits.


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